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Comprehensive 10 Day hands-on course

This is a broad-based restorative course covering the main aspects of day to day clinical practice. It is an intense and comprehensive 10 day course. Delegates will focus on practical, hands-on aspects and carry out all procedures discussed. The days are split into approximately 40% seminar and 60% hands-on.

  • Morning seminars make use of recent and relevant scientific literature as well as Dr Mizrahi’s extensive collection of treatment slides and videos
  • Afternoon sessions consist of practical exercises underlined by discussions of cases treated by Dr Mizrahi
  • Delegates are encouraged to bring in cases to discuss

Delegate numbers are limited to between 10 and 14 ensuring an intimate and constructive learning environment.

Relevant articles and lecture notes are distributed prior to each day.


10 Day Course Details


Transform: Anterior Composites and Morphology

The success of any anterior restoration depends on the understanding and use of the material as well the ability to master the anatomy of the teeth and design the smile. This unique, 3 day, hands-on course combines art and science by bringing together these three crucial aspects. You will be taught to visualise and design a smile, use your knowledge of morphology to plan, layer and finish anterior restorations.

The practical exercises of drawing, wax-up and carving will enhance your visual perception and hand skills that will be transferable to other aspect of restorative dentistry such as provisional restorations and porcelain work.

Temporaries - Crowns, Veneers and Onlays

As we start moving from single tooth dentistry to more complex multiple tooth dentistry, the temporary restoration become an invaluable tool.

Mastering temporary restorations and being able to produce stable temporaries that look good and fit well will allow you to take the time needed to improve the quality and predictability of your treatment and give you the confidence and ability to start treating more complex cases. Good temporaries reduce stresses and allow you to stay in control of your cases.

Occlusion, Posterior Morphology and Bite Splints

This is a unique and comprehensive course designed to give delegates a thorough and clinically relevant understanding of occlusion. Rather than focussing on various confusing and complicated theoretical occlusion concepts, it will focus on the understanding of why and when certain occlusal concepts and techniques are important and when they are not. So rather than following blindly, you will go back to your practices understanding the why and whens of occlusion.

Delegates will learn the difference between various types bite splints and learn and which one to use when. Each delegate will have the opportunity to fit and adjust a full upper bite splint.

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