Treatment of Comprehensive Cases - Lecture/Study Club

Lecture Dates:


3 days per year

(all days different)

Fri 28 February 2020

Fri 10 July 2020

Friday 6 November 2020

1 individual day

Fri 28 February 2020

1 individual day

Fri 10 July 2020

1 individual day

Fri 6 November 2020


£750+VAT(£900) for all 3 days

£290+VAT(£348) per individual day

Course Duration:

10am - 4pm

Max Delegates:

20 per group


Catering: Teas, coffees and snacks will be provided.


38 Harmont House, 20 Harley Street (entr Queen Anne St), LONDON, W1G 9PJ

Treatment of Comprehensive Cases Study Club with Dr Basil Mizrahi

Having attended my courses or lectures over the years, many dentists ask how they can stay connected and  keep updated. As such, I have decided to start up a “Comprehensive Case treatment” Study Club.

On the courses, we focus on specific topics and it’s often not possible or practical to show an entire case. In these study clubs I will show how all the topics covered on the courses are brought together in the treatment of a comprehensive case. It will reinforce what you’ve learnt and give you the understanding of how to put the pieces together to complete the puzzle. This should be hugely beneficial and give you the confidence, ability and understanding to start treating more comprehensive cases in your practice.
During these sessions  I will take one of my comprehensive cases (including full mouth rehabilitations) and discuss the thought process, treatment planning, patient correspondence and communication, sequencing and fee calculation involved . I will show details (with the aid of high quality photos and videos) of treatments, materials and techniques used at each stage (warts and all) including post and cores, temporary restorations, occlusion & occlusal records, impressions, restoration selection, implants, crowns, veneers and many more topics. I will also discuss the latest materials and techniques related to the cases I present. Wherever possible I will show long term follow-ups illustrating what happens to our treatments over time - including failures! Interactive discussion and questioning will be encouraged to enhance the learning experience and allow delegates to obtain the maximum benefit from each session.

The  study club will meet approximately every 3-4 months  and attendance will be limited to 20 people per session (different cases will be presented at each session)


Aims and Objectives

  • To  provide an on-going learning and networking platform in the company of like-minded colleagues
  • Discuss “behind the scenes” detail and laboratory communications needed to ensure long term success
  • Illustrate and discuss a wide range of clinical techniques and protocols to enhance the predictability and longevity of your restorations
  • Update on new techniques and materials
  • Discuss relevant and recently published scientific articles

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