Comprehensive Occlusion, Clinical records and Bite Splints (4 days)

Course Dates:


Thurs 22 Oct, Fri 23 Oct 2020

Thurs 26 Nov, Fri 27 Nov 2020


£600+VAT(£720) per day; £2,880 for 4 days

£720 deposit payable online at the time of booking

10% discount for group bookings of 2 or more delegates

Course Duration:

4 days

Max Delegates:

8 - 12 per group


Catering: Lunch, teas, coffees and snacks will be provided.


38 Harmont House, 20 Harley Street (entr Queen Anne St), LONDON, W1G 9PJ

Comprehensive Occlusion, Clinical records and Bite Splints

This is a unique and comprehensive course designed to give delegates a thorough and clinically relevant understanding of occlusion. Rather than focus on specific philosophies and concepts, it will start off with the basic nuts and bolts such as occlusal contacts and tooth morphology and build up to more complex aspects such as mandibular movement and occlusal adjustment.

Practical and exercises will make use of giant tooth models and drawings of Mr Janos Mako (Master technician Hungary).

In addition there will be a detailed discussion to bite splints. Delegates will learn the difference between various types and which one to use when. Each delegate will have the opportunity to fit and adjust a full upper bite splint


  • Simplifying occlusion and understanding how occlusion affects treatment of different cases. When it’s important and when it’s not
  • Facebow - different types and their limitations. Why even use one?
  • Bite registration records - different techniques and their pros and cons. When do you need to use them?
  • What do posterior teeth look like, what cusp fits into what fossa and why. How to assess and adjust high spots when fitting and crowns and bridges.
  • How to shape temporary crowns and posterior composites
  • Splints - which ones to use, why and when?
  • How to fit and adjust an occlusal splint
  • How to adjust and control occlusal contact

Practical exercises

  • Make a lucier jig and take a centric relation bite record
  • Take a facebow
  • Write a laboratory prescription for an occlusal splint
  • Draw and learn occlusal contacts and excursive movements
  • Sculpt posterior occlusal morphology using plasticine and giant tooth models
  • Create a posterior composite with accurate occlusal morphology
  • Fit and adjust an occlusal splint
  • Adjust occlusal contacts

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