Anterior Composites


  • Differences, strength, polishability and longevity of composite resin materials: how to be critical to information provided by manufacturers and choose the one that suits your case
  • Key factors and secrets to make your composites aesthetic and functional
  • How to manage composite load and avoid chipping and fracturing
  • Latest layering techniques that are reasonable and applicable to daily practice
  • How to achieve effects (white spots, opalescence) without overcomplicating and spending hours on a single restoration
  • Newest materials and instruments that are worth investing in
  • Bonding agents – understand the differences and how to use them
  • Various techniques and matrix systems to help restore contacts points
  • Full protocol for finishing and polishing

Practical exercises

  • Build-up of a fractured central incisor. The protocol used will show how to choose required number of layers and master layering techniques – from simplified to advance
  • Finishing and polishing sequence using the newest and the most effective materials on the market

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