Tooth Preparation: Crowns and Veneers (2 days)


  • Understand the difference between various all-ceramic crowns. This session is found to be particularly enlightening by our delegates. It seeks to answer the most relevant questions that arise when making a clinical decision: what porcelains are currently available and how to choose the most appropriate one?
  • Indications and contraindications of different types of all-ceramic crowns and onlays: when to use what and why?
  • Cementation and bonding techniques, protocols and materials that are compatible with various ceramic systems.
  • Traditional crowns and adhesive onlay restorations: how to choose an appropriate type and how to design the preparation.


  • Preparation of an anterior crown – different preparation designs that relate to porcelain system chosen.
  • Preparation for a veneer – how to design a preparation to achieve conservative but highly aesthetic integration of the restoration.
  • Preparation for an onlay – functional and aesthetic design principles.

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