Temporaries: Crowns and Veneers (2 days)

As we start moving from single tooth dentistry to more complex multiple tooth dentistry, the temporary restoration become an invaluable tool. Mastering temporary restorations and being able to produce stable temporaries that look good and fit well will allow you to take the time needed to improve the quality and predictability of your treatment and give you the confidence and ability to start treating more complex cases. Good temporaries reduce stresses and allow you to stay in control of your cases.


  • Temporisation: the importance of mastering temporary crowns that achieve perfect soft tissue integration.
  • What temporary materials are available and which one works the best?
  • Laboratory made provisionals: when is it best to choose them and how to customize them during different stages of the treatment.
  • Troubleshooting with temporaries: how to make them functional and aesthetic? How to make veneer temporaries stay cemented? How to remove them without breaking? How to avoid staining?


  • Temporary crowns using acrylic resin – how to improve and modify the shape of your temporaries to achieve good aesthetic morphology and precise margins.
  • Veneer temporaries – what to use, how to use and how to make is stay.
  • Alternatives to chair-side temporaries and how to master their fit.
  • Remargination techniques to obtain optimal soft tissue health and better impressions.

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