Full Mouth Rehabilitation - Sequencing and Treatment

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Details of 1 Day Lecture

Despite the drive towards minimally invasive dentistry,  there are still many patients who have failing, heavily restored dentitions that are not suitable for this type of adhesive dentistry and require traditional full mouth rehabilitation.
This needs to be carried out at the highest level of precision in a structured, well planned manner using predictable and accurate techniques in order to ensure long term success. There needs to be close co-operation and understanding between the clinician and the technician as well as extremely  close correlation between technical stages and clinical stages to avoid errors.
This all-day lecture will focus on the sequencing and treatment techniques needed. It will be clinically based and aimed at general dental practitioners and technicians.

Aims and Objectives

  • How to assess and plan a full mouth rehabilitation
  • Understand the steps involved and why each one is needed
  • Demonstrate the techniques used including Tooth preparation, Core restorations, Bite registration, Temporisation and Cementation
  • Troubleshooting – it doesn’t always go smoothly

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